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Bringing Quality Theatre to Lee's Summit

Featured Stories

Call for Directors for STG 2016 Season

Summit Theatre Group issues a call for applications from potential directors for the 5-Show 2016 season. Directors are encouraged to submit 1 to 3 different proposals for shows next year. The Show Selection Team has decided the general guidelines below for each production, but directors are free to propose titles and concepts for each date.  Check out our Call For Directors page for more information!


Bye Bye Birdie

Thank you to all who auditioned for Bye Bye Birdie – we saw some amazing talent! The cast list is here!   Congratulations!  Check your email for more information coming soon!

Albert                                     Chad Burris
Rose                                        Alisha Garnier
Kim                                         Allison Banks
Mrs. Macafee                        Katherine Bettis
Mr. Macafee                          Sean Berry
Randolph                               Samuel Reicher
Mrs. Peterson                       Karen Williams
Conrad                                   Jesse Yost
Hugo                                       Will Reicher
Helen                                      Jessica Haney
Ursula                                    Shay Morgan
Nancy                                     Sydney Stidham
Suzie                                       Kristen Cox
Penelope                                Laney Zornes
Freddy                                    Levi Phipps
Karl                                         Alec Bridges
Alice                                        Erin Gillihan
Margie                                    Katherine Ruprecht
Harvey                                    Sam Lunceford
Deborah Sue                         Laurie Crawford
Sad Girl                                  Katie Higgins
One Girl                                 Laney Zornes
Lee                                          Will Wallace
Phyllis                                     Kristin Cox
Ethel                                       Laney Zornes
Policeman                              James Reicher, Levi Phipps
Reporters                               Leah Morgan, Will Wallace, Ginger Chyree
Mayor                                     Brandon Armstrong
Mayor’s Wife                          LeAnn Burris
Train man                              Alec Bridges
Mrs. Merkle                            Emily Davenport
Gloria                                      Molly Williams
Ed Sullivan (offstage voice) Brandon Armstrong
Traveler                                  Nick Perry
Mr. Johnson                           Scott Shepherd
Maude                                     John Schinkel
Dishwasher                            Brian Taylor
Men at bar                             James Reicher, Will Wallace
Shriners                                 Scott Shepherd, Alec Bridges, Nick Perry, Brandon, Levi Phipps, JP
Conductor                              Alec Bridges
Man’s Voice 1                        Scott Shepherd
Another Voice                       Levi Phipps
3rd Voice                                 Ginger Chyree
4th Voice                                 James Reicher
Teen Ensemble                      Katie Higgins, Dani McCaulley,  Laney Zornes, Jessica Haney, Laney Zornes, Sydney Stidham, Erin Gillihan, Katherine Ruprecht, Laurie Crawford, Jamie Jones, Alec Bridges, Levi Phipps, Samuel Lunceford, Nick Perry
Adult Ensemble                     Annie Hall, Toni Whitaker, Leah Morgan, Ginger Chyree, Lisa Haney, LeAnn Burris, Emily Davenport, James Reicher, John Schinkle, Scott Shepherd, Brandon Armstrong, Brian Taylor, Will Wallace, John Schinkel, JP Helder


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