The Triangle Factory Fire Project

by Christopher Piehler in collaboration with Scott Alan Evans

Directed by Mark Hamilton

March 16, 17, 23, 24 at 7:30 pm

March 25 at 2:30 pm


MCC-Longview Cultural Arts Center

500 SW Longview Rd

Lee’s Summit, MO 64081


Tickets: Available for purchase on February 1

$15 Adults

$12 Student/Senior (65+)



Saturday, March 25, 1911. 4:45 P.M. In the Triangle Waist Factory off downtown Manhattan’s Washington Square—where 500 immigrant workers from Poland, Russia and Italy toil fourteen-hour days making lady’s dresses—a cigarette is tossed into a bin of fabric scraps. Despite desperate efforts, flames sweep through the eighth, ninth and tenth floors. Panic-stricken workers run in all directions. In the space of twenty-eight minutes, the fire is under control, but 146 people, mainly young immigrant girls, have died.


The show uses eyewitness accounts, court transcripts and other archival material to create a dramatic moment-by-moment account of this historic fire and the social upheaval that followed. It culminates in the manslaughter trial of the owners, Isaac Harris and Max Blanck, whose shocking acquittal inspires new outrage across New York and the entire country, the repercussions of which shaped social, political and economic policies for decades to come. By using real words spoken by real people, from Ukrainian seamstresses to millionaire Fifth Avenue socialites, it paints a heartbreakingly clear picture of a disastrous day in American history and explores the human toll such a tragedy takes on us all.

Cast of Characters:

Lindsay Lovejoy:  Mary Alter, secretary; Mrs. Belmont, society woman, suffragette; Actor C


Kelly Crosby: Ethel Monick, floor girl; Actor B


Kristi Hibschman: Rose Freedman, finisher; May Levantini, machine operator


Jeannie Blau: Bertha Schwartz, Margaret’s mother; Kate Alterman, lace cutter; Actor 3


Brittany Hill: Maxine Schwartz, factory worker; Rose Sschneiderman, union organizer


Alexander Adams: William Shepherd, journalist; Isaac Harris, co-owner of Triangle; John Moore, engineer


Kenneth J. Schwartze: Max Blanck, co-owner of Triangle; Chief Edward Croker, Fire Department Chief


Joshua Malisos: William Bernstein, cutter; Thug No. 1; Actor 2


Jonah Beard: Abe Gordon, belt boy; Street Vendor; Jury Foreman; Thug No. 2; Actor 4


Emily Jennings: Yetta Lubitz, operator; Actor D


 Elaine Christensen: Margaret Schwartx, machine operator; Judge Thomas C.T. Crain; Actor A


Marshall Rimann: Charles Bostwick, NYC D.A., lawyer for the prosecution; Frank Sommer, New York University law professor


 Jaggard Lee Williams: Samuel Bernstein, foreman of Triangle; Officer John Meehan, NYC policeman; Herman Hurwitz, locksmith; Actor 5


Ginger Birch: Dinah Lifschitz, bookkeeper; Ida Mittleman, machine operator


 Bill Weaver: Samuel Gompers, union leader/organizer; Max Steuer, lawyer for the defense


Casye Davidson: Edie Markowitz, shipping clerk; Actor 1


Note: All performers will play strikers, protesters, New Yorkers, trial observers, etc.

For more information call us at: 816.463.2654

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